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Our Work

Since 1994, we have established ourself as a drilling company serving the small business consultants, as well as the Fortune 100 consultants. Our reputation as a well equipped, experienced, reliable and friendly drilling contractor has made us a leader throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We offer a variety of drilling methods and services. View services here.

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CSX Railroad Tracks

EPI was contracted in Philadelphia to conduct a ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey along the CSX railroad tracks near Market Street. The GPR survey involved clearing locations for soil sample borings and monitoring wells as part of an investigation into diesel fuel contamination. Prior to the start of the geophysical work, EPI received CSX safety training in order to be able to work on and near the rail line.


Project at UPENN, Philadelphia

Client testimonial: "Thanks to EPI for helping us successfully complete a complex project that involved road closure, city permitting, Saturday drilling, and a last-minute scope change! We appreciate the onsite assistance from several of your team members that weren’t scheduled to work on a Saturday but got involved to make sure the job got completed after we ran into issues with the drill rig.  We commend your dedication and commitment to quality work and responsiveness."



Angled Wells

EPI Team recently completed a job drilling angle wells to explore the aquifer under a production facility. Using this form of drilling opens possibilities for companies to sampling in difficult to impossible locations. The extra information obtained can be critical to the needed delineation of the previously unknown areas.


Archaeological Geophysics

EPI Geophysics conducted a non-destructive geophysical investigation to locate possible 18th century subsurface features within a parcel of historic farmland in southern New Jersey. EPI Geophysics is currently processing the 3-D GPR and EM data collected from the site that may reveal any potential archaeological features associated with the farm through Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic (EM) Induction data methods.

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