Drilling and Related Services

Mud Rotary

Team EPI is now utilizing our two (2) Geoprobe 7822DT track rigs for mud rotary drilling projects. We have successfully drilled 6” mud holes to depths of 70 ft bgs in Jersey City, NJ.  EPI was able to set a 6” schedule 80 PVC casing to 20 ft bgs drill 6” mud to a depth of 70 ft bgs set 2” PVC, sand packed and grouted to surface. With the inception of our new Geoprobe 7822DT Team EPI is ready to better serve our clients who are in need of mud rotary, air rotary work and geotechnical soil borings.

Air Rotary

Team EPI is now utilizing our two (2) Geoprobe 7822DT track rigs for 6” air rotary drilling projects. We have successfully drilled 6” open rock holes to depths of 80 ft for a client in Northeastern, PA.  EPI also drilled 6” air in central, New Jersey for a client who needed several wells installed at a residential property where access for a full size air rig was not feasible.  These wells were drilled to a depth of 30 ft bgs each and then a 2” PVC well was installed with sand pack and grout seal to surface. With the inception of our new Geoprobe 7822DT Team EPI is ready to better serve our clients who are in need of mud rotary, air rotary work and geotechnical soil borings.

Operating Five (5) Geoprobe Track Machines

The Geoprobe® Model 7720DT Track Mounted Rig is a high-capacity direct push machine with a narrow (60” wide) platform and an overall working length of 14 feet for limited access to your project site.  The 7720DT also has the ability to collect soil samples using the DT225 & (dual tube) DT325 (2” O.D. Macro Core) tooling or to retrieve ground water samples using the SP22 Discrete Groundwater sampler to depths of 100 ft bgs and more. Installation of 2” & 4” diameter monitoring wells and ¾” or 1” temporary well points makes the 7720 a do-all rig with a small footprint.

Operating Two (2) VacMaster Soft Dig Systems 1000

The Vacmaster 1000 uses (soft digging) compressed air funneled through a specialized nozzle at the tip of the air lance which makes the soil explode (so to speak) and allows the powerful vacuum system to quickly and efficiently remove the loose soils. Compressed air is non - disruptive; causing no damage to the existing road base, compressed air will not even damage a utility line if and when we come in contact with one. By using air, we are also able to backfill the hole with the same cuttings that were removed during the clearing process, thus saving money on backfill material and drums. The dry air Soft Dig® method eliminates the use of water as a cutting tool, since water cannot be compressed and is a conductor; you have effectively made it safer to do the work and saved money at the same time. The Soft Dig® method takes the guess work out of unknown, sometimes difficult to find underground utilities that are not covered by the One Call System or untraceable by private locating companies.  Having the ability of a 100% view of the subsurface within the top 5 ~ 8 feet gives everyone involved a safe feeling that we will all go home at the end of the day just as they arrived safe and sound.

Operating Three (3) Limited Access Dingo Rigs

Limited access drilling; how about utilizing a Dingo Rig?  EPI was one of the first companies on the east coast to envision this rig as a whole and how it would be utilized back in 1994.  The Dingo Rig has become a pretty standard piece of equipment in our industry. EPI owns and operates (2) track mounted units and (1) tire mounted unit; each with a direct push probe attached and the ability to work within a 10 ft ceiling.  One track mounted unit is 34” in width and can fit through a standard doorway; this unit was also converted from using gasoline to propane.  The Dingo Rig can also utilize a rotary (hollow stem augers) head attachment; the head allows us to install 2” & 4” wells in suitable geology using the dingo; well installation work can be done within a ceiling height as low as 6 ~ 7 feet above ground surface.  In addition to the drilling ability discussed above for the Dingo we also have a backhoe attachment and bucket attachment to dig and move soil for test pits in open or limited access locations.

Manual Borings

EPI utilizes electric jack hammers and hand tools to advance soil borings in locations where access for even a small DPT (Direct Push Technology) rig would not be possible.    

Chemical Injections

EPI has the ability to work with a chemical injection contractor who will do the mixing and pumping while we supply the rig, operator and drill rods. We can also do the mixing and pumping as well as advance the drill rods for injection.

Geo-Technical Soil Sampling

EPI performs Geo-Technical soil sampling utilizing our Geoprobe 7720 Track Rigs and the DH 100 Automatic Drop Hammer attachment.  Utilizing an automatic drop hammer gives you consistent blow counts every time.  Safety was a prime consideration so all moving parts and impact surfaces are enclosed in a steel housing.  Using a 7720 track rig also allows you to perform Geo-Technical sampling in locations that you may have ruled out due to access issues. Geo-Technical borings without drill cuttings using the 3.25 casing: 3.25 in. probe rods are driven to the desired sample depth. The solid drive point is pulled and a split spoon sampler is lowered. The drop hammer is then placed on top of the rod string and the number of blows to advance the sampler is counted. The solid drive point can then be placed back in the cutting shoe and the rod string advanced to the next sample depth.  This method generates no drill cuttings as we are advancing casing and not augers.  Please call to discuss your interest.


Temporary Wells

EPI can install (3/4”, 1”, 1.5” and 2” diameter) Temporary PVC well points utilizing direct push tooling.  In addition to PVC well points.

Discreet Groundwater Sampling

EPI can also performs discreet groundwater sampling. Discreet sampling allows groundwater to be collected from specified depths within boreholes. EPI will utilize the Geoprobe® SP22 Groundwater Sampling System and can sample at depths of 100 feet or more below ground surface.

Well Repairs and Redevelopment

EPI also has the ability to repair damaged flush mount or stick-up casing wells. We can provide H-20 rated flush mounts from 3” diameter up to 12” diameter. EPI can also replace steel vaults and concrete pads that encompass them. EPI also offers well redevelopment. Utilizing the airlift method of well development, we can remove most debris from a well and capture the purge water in 55 gallon drums during the process. We can also surge wells and scrub the screen zones utilizing some specialized down hole tooling.

Soil Gas

Soil gas monitoring provides a quick means of waste site evaluation. Using this method underground contamination can be identified and the source extent and movement of the pollutants can be traced. EPI can install sub-slab conduits and sub-surface soil gas probes for quick grab samples or we can install these with 3” diameter flush mount covers for extended use over a period of time, the small diameter allows them to be installed in out of the way places if required. Soil gas samples can be collected at any depth using a steel expendable point system and tubing (PRT System) Post Run Tubing. To facilitate the collection of the soil gas sample, the steel expendable point is placed in an expendable point holder that is attached directly to a drive rod. Once attached, the drive rod is driven to the target depth. The drive rod and expendable point holder are retracted and the steel expendable point is separated from the point holder thus creating a void beneath the drive rods in the soil. An adapter and tubing are advanced down the inside of the drive rods and threaded to the point holder. The tubing at the surface is attached to a peristaltic pump or equivalent pumping system to purge the line and draw a sample. Most applications utilize polyethylene tubing, although Teflon or other materials can be utilized if desired. Once the line has been purged, samples are typically collected in a tedlar bag or Summa canister.

Pre-Pack Well Installations

Pre-packs are available in ¾”, 1”, 1.5” & 2”. EPI has the ability to install ¾”, 1” and 1.5” Pre-packs with Direct Push Technology Tooling, please call to discuss your specific project and application for Pre-pack screens.

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