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The Power of the B57: Monitoring Well Project in Readington

The EPI Team recently completed a successful Mobile B-57 Rig job in Readington, NJ. The team, consisting of Jim Burton and Matthew Pressimone, arrived on site early in the morning to set a 2” 50’ monitoring well. The location of the job was in a large parking lot in Readington, NJ.

Jim started by unloading the machine while Matt prepared the area by setting up the compressor and necessary equipment. Once the machine was in place, Jim set up the B57 rig and began drilling the augers into the ground. The geology at the site was known to be red-weathered rock, so an air rotary had to be used to continue drilling.

Once the auguring was completed, the air tooling was lowered into the hole, and the percussion hammer pounded away at the weathered formation. The drilling was done slowly to ream the hole as they drilled, as the rock was somewhat loose. A water-bearing fracture was encountered, as evidenced by the cessation of rock dust and the hammer still pounding.

Once the desired depth was reached, the team removed the hammer from the hole, lowered the 2” PVC well in, and proceeded to sand it up above the screen. The well was then filled with a mixture of sand and Portland cement grout, and the augers were pulled. The blacktop was cut, and the pad was set after the grout had time to settle.

The use of the versatile B57 helped make the job go smoothly, with its high torque and powerful winch system. This rig is a great choice for these types of jobs, and the EPI Team is available for more B-57 jobs.



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