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EPI adds a new rig to the fleet

EPI, Inc recently added a truck mounted 7800 rig to its fleet (Drilling Superintendant - Joe Abell picking up rig in Minnesota above) giving EPI 6 Geoprobe rigs, 5 which are track and one which is a truck mounted rig. The truck rig allows us to move from site to site quickly. This rig gives us the added truck weight to advance probe tools to the depths needed for soil & groundwater sampling. This truck rig features an overhead mast and winch, a GH63 Percussion Hammer and GA4000 Auger Head.  

The rig portion is powered by a Kubota 4-Cylinder Turbo Diesel 58hp liquid cooled engine. The probe unit provides lateral extend and oscillatory movements and sits on a slide base frame rail system for easy fold-up. The truck mounted rig gives us more options to offer our customer base when a track rig is not suitable for site conditions. This rig rides around on a 2015 Ford F550 with all the bells and whistles. Warren Atkinson is the operator and he is happy to be back in a truck rig again.

Applications: angle probing, augering for well installation, concrete coring opens up the subsurface for sampling or monitoring well installation, cone penetrating testing allows insertion of ample-sized anchors to stabilize the machine, diamond core drilling cored through rock to 150 feet using industry standard drilling tools, Direct Image Subsurface Logging used extensively for MIP, HPT, and EC logging projects, monitoring well installation, gas field exploration or sampling at a new oil and gas developmental site, geotechnical information is collected for a new mining site, mineral exploration, oil field investigations, rock coring, sediment sampling in the riverbed during the investigations of a coal tar problem, soil sampling in a forest, standard penetration testing for geotechnical investigations and storage tank investigations to determine the extent of contamination from a leaking underground fuel line.

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