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GPR Scan for Residential and 

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

In recent years we have seen an increasing demand for GPR scanning of residential and commercial properties as a prelude to real estate sales.  Most of that work is commissioned by the buyer, but we also occasionally work on behalf of the seller.  Anyone who purchases real estate needs to be aware of the liability associated with underground storage tanks (USTs) which may lie within the property.  USTs for residential use typically supplied fuel oil to the houses.  USTs on commercial properties may also have provided storage for gasoline or diesel fuel or possibly for waste products.  Literally millions of USTs were installed during an era spanning the 1920s to the 1980s.

EPI is able to scan your property with GPR to determine whether or not there are any USTs present.  We can scan over grass, asphalt, gravel or concrete to image what lies beneath.  Not only can we determine whether a UST is present, but we typically have the ability determine its size, shape, volume, and depth below surface.  With another set of tools that allow line tracing, we have the ability to trace piping that connects the tank to the building.  We mark all underground utilities with paint on the ground surface, and we will create a report of our findings.

We will not only scan the areas where the UST is most likely to be located, but we will scan the entire property so that the report we submit can discuss the results for the entire property.  If no USTs are found, then the report will make that clear.  If one or more USTs are found, then we will include everything we know about the individual USTs in the report.  If you are buying a house that is more than 25 years old, and you think there is a possibility of buried tanks, then talk it over with your real estate agent and then contact us to scan the property.  You'll be glad you did.  Contact Paul at EPI for answers to any questions or a cost estimate.

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