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Environmental Probing Investigations, Inc. (EPI) offers a variety of geophysical services.  These services may be applied to residential, commercial and industrial sites in order to locate underground utilities (electric lines, water lines, telephone lines, sewer lines, gas lines, buried tanks, etc).  Drillers and building contractors frequently arrange for these services, but our tools also allow subsurface imaging that other professionals including archaeologists, geologists, hydrologists, geotechnical engineers, and environmental scientists find useful.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is the most useful of all of the geophysical tools.  EPI provides geophysical investigations to delineate subsurface features of interest utilizing high-resolution GPR antenna systems.  GPR is a fast and reliable technology using harmless microwave radiation. Data is collected systematically by this safe and non-intrusive technology.  Applications of this service include identifying and marking the location and depth of service utilities and other buried structures.  Utilities to be marked include, but may not be limited to: electric, gas, telephone, fiber optics, sanitary sewers, storm drains, water service, and other metallic and non-metallic targets that include underground storage tanks (UST’s) and PVC pipes.  Project reports containing maps, photographs, and 2-dimensional images generated from post-processing are also provided as a supplemental service.

The principle of GPR is the same as that used by police radar, except that GPR transmits electromagnetic energy into the ground. The energy is reflected back to the surface from interfaces between materials with contrasting electrical (dielectric and conductivity) and physical properties. The greater the contrast between two materials in the subsurface, the stronger the reflection observed on the GPR record. The depth of GPR signal penetration depends on the properties of the subsurface materials and the frequency of the antenna used to collect radar data.


EPI’s commitment to the safety of its employees and clients is reflected in its procurement of line locating and GPR equipment. A DPT rig and a Geophysical Investigation can be scheduled simultaneously for one day or multiple days onsite; this allows us to clear each location before any tools are advanced into the subsurface.  This higher level of confidence is invaluable when performing subsurface investigations not only for EPI but for you and your client.  


Let EPI be your turn-key solution for your next project.


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