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Revitalizing Our Fleet: The Overhaul of EPI’s Geoprobe 7720 Rig

At Environmental Probing Investigations (EPI), we understand the value of maintaining our drilling equipment to the highest standards. That's why we embarked on an extensive refurbishment project for our 2007 Geoprobe 7720 rig, known as EPI #T6. This rig was due for a comprehensive makeover to ensure its continued reliability and performance.

The refurbishment process was led by Tony Pressimone, John Brass, and Joe Abell, who coordinated with Probe Support Services in Denville, NJ, for the overhaul. The team's expertise shone through each phase of the project, from initial assessment to detailed repair work. The rig underwent rigorous cleaning, sandblasting, and painting, renewing its functionality and appearance. During this process, continuous updates and photographic documentation of the progress were maintained, reflecting our commitment to transparency and quality.

After an extensive 12-week period, which included additional repairs and fine-tuning, the rig returned to service, better than ever.

The enhanced motor and filters significantly improved its performance, a testament to the team's dedication and attention to detail.

This project not only exemplifies our commitment to maintaining top-notch equipment but also reinforces our position as a leader in environmental drilling services. To get started on your next project, request a quote with us, today.



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