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Geotech Drilling: Ensuring Safe and Stable Foundations

Geotechnical drilling, also known as geo-tech borings, is a critical site investigation technique used to uncover the physical properties surrounding a construction site. This process involves evaluating soils, rock formations, and groundwater, providing essential data for engineers and builders to design safe and stable foundations.

At EPI Team, we understand the importance of accurate and reliable geotechnical data. That’s why we employ the Mobile Drill B-57 track-mounted rig, which is perfectly suited for performing a wide range of geotechnical drilling tasks. This versatile rig is capable of:

  • Hollow Stem Auger Drilling: Reaching depths of over 150 feet, ideal for soil sampling and monitoring well installations.

  • Mud Rotary Drilling: Also capable of exceeding 150 feet, this method is perfect for deeper borings where soil stability is crucial.

  • Air Percussion Hammers: Effective in penetrating bedrock formations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of subsurface conditions.

  • Split Spoon Soil Borings: Utilizing 2” and 3” spoons to collect undisturbed soil samples for accurate analysis.

  • Shelby Tubes: These sealed and waxed samples are essential for laboratory testing, providing detailed insights into soil properties.

  • HQ Conventional Rock Coring: Extracting core samples from rock formations to assess geological conditions.

  • Wireline Rock Coring: An option for deeper holes, providing continuous core samples for extensive subsurface analysis.

Our Mobile Drill B-57 rig is not only powerful but also versatile, making it suitable for both geotechnical and environmental drilling tasks. When used in environmental applications, the rig can switch between auger drilling and air hammer drilling to reach the required depth for borings or wells, even in challenging geological conditions. The rig’s capability to handle deep auger or mud rotary holes makes it ideal for projects with questionable geology, providing the extra power needed to overcome hard drilling formations and achieve project goals. Its suitability for larger diameter and deeper wells and borings ensures that we can meet the demands of any geotechnical investigation.

At EPI, Inc., we pride ourselves on delivering accurate and comprehensive geotechnical services that empower our clients to make informed decisions. Our experienced team is committed to providing detailed assessments that enhance the safety and success of your construction projects.

Ready to ensure the stability and safety of your next project? Book a geotechnical job with EPI Team today and experience the difference our expertise and equipment can make.



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