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Let's talk GPR

What is GPR? Ground Penetrating Radar.

Our geophysics work spans the range of utility mark-outs, UST location, cemetery work, archaeology projects, reconnaissance geology work, geophysics for both construction and demolition work, real estate work, mapping buried waste, mapping septic systems, and locating buried wells. We are available to discuss your work and to develop a plan of how to use geophysics to address your specific needs. We are always happy to provide proposals for any of your projects.

Of course we undertake GPR, Electromagnetic induction, and Line Tracing, but we also have the ability to use GPS to map all of our findings and present that data in Google Earth format along with summary reports of all work, if requested. We work throughout NJ, PA, NY, DE and MD, and we can typically book your work within a 2 week period. For additional information on our equipment, our methods, and to see samples of our reports please visit our website.

Benefits of Ground Penetrating Radar

  1. Cost-effective: GPR locates underground utilities, it can usually be completed in under a day and more accurately than your average evacuation procedure.

  2. Can be used anywhere: ground-penetrating radar (GPR)'s technology has become so advanced over the years that it can be applied at any construction project for mapping purposes. GPR can penetrate most materials with few exceptions, such as some metals or water, but even then the reflected signals can be used to identify those underground obstructions.

  3. Identifies problems before they arise: look at GPR as your insurance policy. With ground penetrating radar technology, we are able find problems before they become bigger problems.



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