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EPI’s Commitment to Team Safety and Excellence

At EPI, fostering a culture of safety and teamwork is a top priority. Here are the behind the scenes of our recent Health & Safety meeting, where our leadership and drilling teams came together to reinforce our commitment to these values. The meeting, held before dawn, was a platform for discussing various aspects of safety and operational excellence.

Led by Brian, Joe, Tony, and John, the session covered topics such as great teamwork, customer service, soil liner cutting best practices, and company goals. Bob Flemming, EPI’s most experienced driller, provided valuable insights, emphasizing the benefit of having managers with hands-on drilling experience. This approach has been instrumental in EPI achieving three consecutive years of injury-free operations.

The importance of gratitude and teamwork was highlighted by Brian Kokot, EPI’s VP and GM. The discussion about being excellent teammates, shared by Joe Abell, underlines our ethos of mutual respect and patience, crucial for success in challenging field conditions. This meeting exemplifies EPI's dedication to maintaining a safe, supportive, and high-performing work environment.



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