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Our Fleet Expands

EPI, Inc is proud to announce the addition of a second GeoProbe 7822DT track rig to our fleet of rigs.

The addition of the second 7822DT will allow us to better serve our customer base who have been asking us to drill with air, mud rotary or geotechnical techniques to serve their needs.

The 7822DT is still a viable machine for advancing 10 ft soil borings, but has the versatility (for example) to change quickly to turning 10-1/4” hollow stem augers for 6” recovery wells or to drill 6” air or mud to ~ 100 bgs at your site.

Tooling & Tasks of the 7822:

  • Push 60” tools – MC-7, DT325, DT225, MC-5

  • Direct Image – MIP or LIF

  • SP22 Groundwater sampling

  • Installation of Pre-packed well point and well screens up to 6” in diameter

  • Geotech soil sampling with the DH103 Auto hammer for split spoons

  • 2.25”, 4.25”, 6-5/6” & 10.25 Auger capabilities

  • 6” Air Rotary ~ 100’ bgs

  • 6” Mud Rotary ~ 100’ bgs

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