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Annual OSHA Refresher Meeting

EPI, Inc. held its annual 8-hour OSHA refresher class on Saturday, March 10th, 2018 at the EPI offices in Cream Ridge, NJ.  The topic of the day was safety….how do we work safe, drive safe or do anything safely? We had a full crew on-hand to sit for the class of the 18 attendees. (Fun fact: 12 have been with EPI for 2 or more years; 4 employees having 12 or more years with the company)

We are lucky enough to have a representative from the NJ OSHA administration come in and be the teacher for the class.  This gives us insight into what the actual OSHA inspectors are looking for what the most blatant violations are coming into the New Year.

The other great thing about EPI is that we don’t have a tremendous turnover rate for employees; with that said we have the same crew of guys (with the exception to the new hires each year) attending the annual refresher. The crews develop camaraderie within each other and know what each crew member’s strengths and weaknesses are. This helps out in the field and the shop as each guy gets to perform his strengths, but he also gets to work on his personal goals learning from other colleagues on a daily basis. All in all, common sense is the key to safety and if everyone were to ask themselves, “what will happen when I do this?” we would see a lot less accidents and possibly fatalities as a result.


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